Homeless HUB Improves the Research Process

January 27, 2020

Homeless HUB is a website that offers services to help agencies, organizations, and communities build better, evidence-based solutions to homelessness. Their synthesis of research offers insight into some the unique factors to consider with older adults experiencing homelessness.

There are many ways older adults embark on a pathway to homelessness. These pathways include: a lack of finances to pay for housing (low government assistance, insufficient pensions etc), lack of affordable and secure housing (including conversion of apartments into unaffordable condominiums), declining physical health, mental health issues, relationship breakdown, violence and abuse. The death of a spouse, social isolation, discrimination, or lack of knowledge of benefits and services also serve as risk factors for homelessness in older adults (Homeless HUB page on Seniors). Older adults are tend to have longer shelter stays (a month or more) than younger adults before they are rehoused.

Homeless HUB also offers an evidence-based framework for homelessness prevention (Homeless HUB Prevention Framework).

For more information about evidence-based solutions to end homelessness, visit Homeless HUB.