Promising practices for supporting homeless-experienced older adults

November 04, 2022

Canham, S. L., Danielsen, C., Konkin, J., & Whiteman, K. (2022, November). Promising practices for supporting older adults experiencing homelessness [paper presentation] Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.    


Recognizing housing as a fundamental right amidst increasing rates of homelessness in later life, this session will focus on the unique vulnerabilities of homeless-experienced older adults and models of housing and services that support this unique population. This session will begin with a co-presentation of a framework of indicators on place-based supports and be followed by two community-based organizations that support different populations of homeless-experienced older adults. Attendees will learn actionable ways in which older adults experiencing homelessness can be supported as we work to close the gap between housing research, practice, and policy and advocate for housing justice.


Sarah Canham

Canham, S., Weldrick, R., Mahmood, A., Sussman, T., & Walsh, C. (2022, November). Aging in the right place: A conceptual framework of indicators for older persons experiencing homelessness [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Sarah Canham is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah and an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University. Sarah’s community-based research engages with providers, clinicians, and persons with lived experience to examine homelessness, housing security, health and social service delivery, and aging.

Chris Danielsen

Danielsen, C. (2022, November). Empowering and supporting women that have been victims of homelessness, narcissism, the court system, and the services that are there to protect us that didn’t! [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Chris Danielsen is an entrepreneur, self-made businessperson, and founder of Power N Knowledge. Having formerly experienced homelessness and currently employed as a Housing First housing worker, Chris is extremely motivated to make a difference in the world by helping others help themselves. Chris is also a lived expertise advisor for a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation-funded project aimed at building capacity for promising practices that support older people experiencing homelessness.

Jenny Konkin

Konkin, J. (2022, November). Seniors supportive housing strategy [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Jenny Konkin is the President and Co-Founder of Whole Way House Society, based in the DTES of Vancouver which provides community-building programs and support services to vulnerable seniors, veterans, and residents who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. Jenny was awarded Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 2018 list, The Capilano University Alumni Award of Excellence, and a Commendation from the Minister of Veterans Affairs of Canada in 2022.

Karen Whiteman

Whiteman, K. (2022, November). Elder abuse [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Karen Whiteman is part of the senior leadership team at Kerby Centre, having served as the Director of Programs, leading the managers of the Kerby Shelter for older adults fleeing elder abuse, the Adult Day Program, the Diana James Wellness Clinic, Thrive, Information Resources, and Education & Recreation. Karen is leading the Kerby Centre’s expansion to Medicine Hat with the reopening of their senior centre (Veiner Centre)