The story of the shipwrecked sailor is one of a series of papyrus that was located at the Imperial Museum of St. Petersburg in the 1940s. The exact origins of the papyrus is unknown, although they do date to the Middle Kingdom in Egypt. The papyrus itself is labeled "P. Leningrad 1115" and at present is housed in Moscow. The story is part of a series of prose, unique to the Middle Kingdom, in Ancient Egyptian literature. This type of storytelling speaks to our modern culture in its similarities with fairy tales, where human beings encounter the sublime and the supernatural. The story celebrates the home and reminds us to be thankful for the gift of family. 

The story, found below, is accompanied by a series of illustrations which are based off of famous Middle Kingdom artwork. Art styles changed drastically during this time period along with changes in storytelling. It is believed that these changes were due to technological developments and increased interactions with other cultures. 

For more fun, download the accompanying colouring book and story of the Shipwrecked Sailor!