A goal of the SFU Museum is to make helpful information accessible to those who need it. 

Teaching Resources is a section for educators of any kind, heritage professionals, interested persons, etc. that consists of:

  • our do-it-yourself programming
  • conservation case studies 
  • museum-quality procedures

The Teaching Resources are in line with the updated BC provincial curriculum and teach students about archaeology and BC history. A special focus is made on Northeastern BC for an educational project done with Treaty 8 Tribal Association.

Conservation case studies are examples and step-by-step guides on how our RAs have undertaken complex conservation projects; the how tos, the do nots, the photos, and the results. They have agreed to make their work public so those looking for a guide for similar projects can benefit from their hard work.

MAE student volunteers and research associates have also put together two Collections Management Resource Guides to aid in the cataloguing of material artifacts. 

We have also made several of our procedures for the public so they, if needed, can serve as a baseline for other museums/repositories needing to update their procedures or to gain a better understanding of some museum basics. Procedures consists of 'how to' guides for small museums and repositories (proper storage and handling practices, general conservation guidelines, etc.). Each museum and repository is unique though, and the procedures must reflect that; these examples have been generalized for ease of use. We hope you benefit from this page!

Please note, any comments or corrections on any Resources should be addressed to