Conservation on a Miniature Scale

This advanced conservation project focused on the storage and display of a collection of 18 Bolivian dolls and 2 items of miniature doll accessories. This conservation case study will focus on the accumulated  research and conservation efforts to repair and protect the Bolivian doll assemblage. It begins with a brief summary of the collection’s background that offers some insight into the dolls’ social and cultural context as well as the methods and material of their construction. The condition of the dolls and accessories in the collection will be discussed followed by how each item was assessed for conservation action. It is Debbie's hope to inform and perhaps inspire others interested in the conservation of small textile objects including dolls.


Debbie Castagner created individual boxes for each doll in order to properly store them and prevent further damage.

© 2016 by Debbie Castagner for ARCH 479: Advanced Conservation Research and Practicum
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