Black History Project

Since SFU opened its doors in 1965, it has been home to Black talent and activism. Yet, there are so many stories left untold, questions unanswered and gaps in the history of Black faculty, staff and students at SFU.


Inform • Illuminate • Inspire

Commissioned in 2022 by SFU Black Caucus, the Black History Project (BHP) is an ongoing collaborative research initiative to spotlight the achievements, historic moments, advocacy and resilience of Black individuals and guests at SFU.

As we dig through SFU Archives and share the inspiring history of Blackness at SFU, our hope is to:

  • Inform: This project attempts to fill in the gaps and retrieve the missing pieces of Black existence that have been erased and doing so, by telling our stories in our own voice.
  • Illuminate: Beyond the annual celebration of Black History Month, we continue to spotlight the achievements of Black SFU faculty, staff and students. Black excellence is a symbol of talent, resilience and authenticity; all of which we aim to embody throughout this project.
  • Inspire: This growing body of work is dedicated to the past, present and future Black community members at SFU. We envision our findings as a source of transformation, empowerment and inspiration to all those who come across BHP.

"If we don't tell our stories [as Black people], someone else will."

Get in Touch

Are you a former or current SFU Black faculty member, staff, or student who would love to share their experiences at SFU? We would love to hear from you!

Contact our Research Lead, Tiara Cash