About Us

Photo courtesy of SFU SOCA.


  1. The SFU Black Caucus comprises SFU faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate, graduate and alumni) who self-identify as Black and/or African.
  2. The formation of the Black Caucus is a response to systemic and institutional barriers to equity and inclusion faced by SFU Black/African faculty, staff, and students, and the gross underrepresentation of this important constituency in all aspects of University activities and governance including research, teaching & learning, supervision, and senior administration.
  3. The SFU Black Caucus also reflects the emergence of caucuses representing Black faculty, staff, and students in a number of universities and colleges in Canada including Dalhousie, Ryerson, and UBC.
  4. The SFU Black Caucus also recognizes and supports the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education (Feb 2001).
  5. Members of the SFU Black Caucus, provide a microcosm of the wider Black & African Diaspora in BC and Canada at large.