Recommended SFU Zoom Settings

We have curated some custom Zoom settings that may make your synchronous Zoom class experience better. 
To change these settings you will need to sign in to the web portal at

Waiting Room

The waiting room is turned on at SFU. If you do not want to use the waiting room and allow students to enter your Zoom session right away without being let in, you should turn this option off. This might be a good idea for the late comers so you dont have to look out for students who may get stuck in the waiting room.

Private Chat

You may want to turn off the option for students to message each other during the session to avoid distractions.

Sound Notifications

By default, hosts and co-host hear a "doorbell" each time someone enters the waiting room or enters the room. It can be distracting to hear extraneous sounds while facilitating and you can choose to turn this off. However, if you have kept your waiting room on, it would be recommended to keep the sound on so you know there may be someone waiting to be let into the session.

Participants can rename themselves in

You may not be able to see in the session students official name as they can change their name in, however you can see their official name (computing id) in the reports.

Only Authenticated users can join meetings

If you have guest speakers from outside of SFU joining your session, you can leave this option off

Allow participants to join before the host

You may want to allow your students to come into the room before you show up. Similar to the physical lecture hall environment, it can allow students time to network and chat with each other as everyone settles in.