Using mobile technologies in the classroom

About Teaching with Mobile Technologies


Mobile technologies such as PDAs, Laptops, Smartphones or tablets are becoming more prevalent in the classroom and there is potential for these mobile devices to leverage teaching and learning both in the face-to-face and online learning environments. These devices offer a variety of sophisticated and complex learning applications that can support pedagogical goals. 

Benefits for Instructors

Benefits for Learners

Increase authentic teaching activities

Increase collaboration between students

Decrease preparation time

Increase interactive engagement in class

Increase access to just in time resource in the classroom

Constructivist learning through exploration in education media and other forms


Best Practices for Using Mobile Technologies in the classroom

·       Ensure that activities supported by mobile devices offer authentic learning experiences to students and are pedagogically sound.

·       Instructors must be well prepared and knowledgeable about mobile technologies in order to successfully integrate them and engage students.

·       Ensure that all students have equal and fair access to the technologies. 

Content Created

April 15, 2014