How do I add a syllabus?

You can add your syllabus content into your course in 3 ways:

1] Copy your syllabus text into the syllabus page

2] Enter the text for your syllabus directly into the page

3] Add your syllabus as an attachment (best practice is to upload as a pdf)

1. Click Syllabus

By default, the syllabus is automatically populated with the assignments you set up. This cannot be removed.

2. Click Edit to edit the syllabus

3. You can copy text or enter text here

To add your syllabus as an attachment:

1. Click the link icon


2. Click the Files tab

3. Click Upload a new file

7. Click Choose File and choose the file from the pop up window

8. Click Upload

You will see the link.

9. Click Update Syllabus


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