I cannot create a new course shell

If you are trying to create a new course shell and unable to, or if you are getting an error message that it has already been created, please check that:
  • course has already been created either by an auto-creation process
  • course has already been created by your department.
  • someone else has accidently requested the wrong section of the course.
If your course is a CODE course or a Business (undergraduate / graduate) course, contact CODE at: codehelp@sfu.ca or Business at: uglms@sfu.ca to request for access to your course.
Otherwise, verify your course section in go.sfu.ca and contact learntech@sfu.ca

Instructor inquiries

Contact LearnTech at the Teaching and Learning Centre:


CODE course supervisors and tutor-markers: Contact your program director: code.sfu.ca/aboutus/staff.html