Editing global settings

Using the Canvas Dashboard

When you log into Canvas, the Dashboard is the first thing you will see. The Dashboard gives you an overview of what is happening in all your courses and allows you to figure out what to do next.

You can return to your User Dashboard at any time by clicking the Dashboard link in Global Navigation.

Click Dashboard to view the dashboard.

You can go to a specific area of your course by clicking the icon:

1. Announcements

2. Assignments

3. Discussions

4. Files

The order of the icons is based on the order of these categories in the course navigation. If you hide a category you will not see the icon.

Change the Color of the Course Card

You can change the color of the course card as it displays. The calendar will also be colour coded that colour.

1. Click the gear

2. Choose the colour

3. Click Apply

Use a Nickname

If your course has a long name, you can give it a nickname. The name will show up on the dashboard, in the course menu and in notifications. It will not change the actual name of the course in Canvas.  Please note only you can see your course nickname.

Setting up Canvas Notifications

On the Notifications page you can set notification preferences that will apply to all of your courses. If you want to set a notification for a specific course, click the View Course Notifications button on the right hand side of your course home page.

  1. Before you can set your Notification Preferences, you will need to set the ways you want to be notified. Make sure you added all of the email addresses and text message numbers that you want to use by navigating to Account/Settings/Edit Settings. 
  2. To set up notifications, click Account
  3. Click Notifications

Then for each notification row and contact method, you can decide when the notification will be sent out for that type of alert by clicking the icon.

  • By selecting the Checkmark icon, you will be immediately notified of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the Clock icon, you will be notified daily of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the Calendar icon, you will be notified weekly of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the X icon, you will remove the notification preference and will not be notified of any change for the activity.

Changing Your Display Name

To edit your name, click the Account/Settings link on the far left and then the Edit Settings button on the right, make your changes, then click Update Settings to save your changes.