How do I download submitted assignments?

You can download assignments from the assignments section:

1. Click Assignments in the course navigation sidebar on the left.

2. Find the assignment name of the assignment you want to download and click on the name.

3. Click Download Submissions in the Related Items sidebar on the right.

4. The assignments will be zipped and automatically downloaded. If the zip file doesn't automatically download when finished, click the Click here to download link.

5. Once you have finished marking, you can re-upload the marked or annotated files back into Canvas for students to view.

  1. Zip all of the marked assignment files into a single zip file. Make sure the file names are the same as when they were unzipped.

  2. In the same assignment, click Re-Upload Submissions in the Related Items sidebar on the right.

3.  Select the zip file using Choose File [1] and upload it by clicking Upload Files [2].

4.  A success screen will display the results of the upload.


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