Using Speedgrader

Assessing the Speedgrader

SpeedGrader™ allows you to save time and effort on viewing and submitting grades to student submissions. Within SpeedGrader™ you can view, score, and provide written feedback all in one place. It also provides a simple point scale or complex rubric so that you can focus on providing quality feedback. Grades are automatically transferred from SpeedGrader™ to the gradebook to save even more time from data entry. 

Locate SpeedGrader

There are two ways to locate SpeedGrader™: via  [1] Gradebook or via [2] Assignments, Quizzes, or Graded Discussion.

[1]. Locate SpeedGrader via Gradebook

1. Click on Grades in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Click the cell beneath the assignment you want to grade beside the student you want to grade

3. Click the arrow 

You will see the following:

You will see speedgrader:

[2]. Locate SpeedGrader via Assignments, Quizzes, or Graded Discussion

In this example, we will open SpeedGrader using one of the Assignments. 

1. Click on Assignments link in the course navigation sidebar. 

2. Click on the Assignment title to open the assignment. 

3. Click on SpeedGrader link under Related Items located on the right hand side.

This option will be available for ALL graded assignments, quizzes, or discussions.

Setting up a Rubric

1. Create the assignment

(See Creatiing an Assignment? if you need instructions.)

2. Click the assignment

3. Click + Rubric

4. Change the title

5. Click the pencil to edit the criterion

6. Enter the description

7. Enter the long description

8. Click Update Criterion

8. Click + Criterion if you want to add another criterion

9. Choose whether you want to write free form comments when grading students.

10. If you want to use the rubric grade for the assignment automatically, you must check off "Use this rubric for assignment grading"

11. Click Create Rubric when you are finished with the rubric.