Common quiz tips

Saving Questions

When you save a quiz you need to make sure that you click Update Questions after creating questions rather then just saving the quiz. If you don't do this, you will lose all the questions you created

Setting Time for Quizzes

Time Limit: Amount of time student has to complete their quiz (Example: 60 minutes)

Time Frame: Window in which the student writes their exam

Note in the example above the exam is available from 8:55am and until 10am. The reason for this is so students have 5 minutes to address any technical difficulties at the beginning of the exam. They still only have 60 minutes allotted to the exam.

Question Banks

If you use question banks you will not be able to do question regrading. You can use the find questions feature as an alternative.

Automatic Fudge Point Bug


When the late policy for automatically deducting marks is enabled in the GradeBook, fudge points can added to a student's quiz score incorrectly by the Canvas system.

Workaround 1

Avoid using the late policy for automatically deducting marks if there is a quiz

Workaround 2

Set fudge points to '0' when updating the student's score in the SpeedGrader

Shuffle Answers-All of the Above Option

If you would like the option All of the Above, make sure you rename it All of These as it will confuse students and give the incorrect answer if the answers are shuffled and the All of the Above option is put to the top.