Beckley Foundation - Global Cannabis Commission Report


Cannabis is by far the most widely used illegal drug, (accounting for 166 million users out of a total of 200 million users of all illegal drugs), yet it is rarely mentioned in international drug policy discussions. Amanda Feilding convened a team of the world’s leading drug policy analysts to put this right by compiling a comprehensive overview of the subject.

The Commission, in its Report, also identified possible routes forward, including depenalisation, decriminalization, and a regulated legal market. It also discussed how individual countries might reform cannabis policies to suit their particular needs. One suggestion is that countries should join together with similarly disposed nations to denounce the current international drugs conventions and instead draw up cannabis-specific conventions more suitable for their culture.

The Report was co-published with Oxford University Press in early 2010 as a book entitled Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate.

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Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate 



Robin Room,
Wayne Hall,
Peter Reuter,
Benedikt Fischer,
Simon Lenton