About Carmha

The Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA) is a source for change. CARMHA's applied research includes an internationally recognized body of work addressing addiction, mental illness, and wellness. Members of CARMHA include multi-disciplinary clinicians and applied researchers who work closely with diverse stakeholders including branches of government. Major projects completed by CARMHA's members address: the epidemiology of addiction and mental illness; recovery and harm reduction; housing and homelessness; diversion from crime; primary healthcare; and telehealth. CARMHA is part of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Health Sciences and is based in downtown Vancouver Canada.

With a focus on making a positive impact, CARMHA’s primary mission is to conduct research, generate evidence, and translate knowledge into policies and practices that reflect evidence regarding the most effective ways to prevent addiction and mental illness, and to promote recovery.

CARMHA is committed to the academic training of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students and trainees, many of which are actively involved in research projects undertaken at CARMHA.


Our Purpose

CARMHA’s primary mission is to generate evidence and mobilize knowledge to promote mental wellness.

What We Do

Our work advances knowledge about the factors that cause addiction and mental illness, and the ways in which people recover. We have substantial expertise in practices and policies that prevent addiction and mental illness, reduce harms and promote recovery. Our research includes epidemiological analyses of addiction and mental illness and trials investigating the effectiveness of interventions for people at high risk of harm.