A Roadmap to Men's Health: Current Status, Research, Policy & Practice


A Roadmap to Men’s Health was commissioned by the Men’s Health Initiative of BC to raise awareness of Men's Health among healthcare providers, researchers, policymakers and the public at large. The report explains the field of Men's Health, develops a framework for making sense of male health conditions and makes recommendations for improving service delivery
and the knowledge base in this important area.

A Roadmap to Men’s Health is not a clinical guide to treating health conditions, nor does it cover the full range of male health problems. Instead, it highlights key issues related to a set of high‐priority health conditions strongly affecting male health and longevity.

The ultimate aims of this report are:

  • to engage men more fully with the healthcare system
  • to respond to male health needs more appropriately
  • to contribute to the goal of eventually extending men’s lifespan to match that of women’s.