Emeline Le Guen

Courses: Financing CED

Emeline graduated with an MA in regional planning from the Institute of Political Studies of Paris, France and has experience in project management in the public sector. She has been an investor in social finance and a member of non-profit boards. Emeline is committed to supporting social enterprises and focuses on building community networks for impactful projects to thrive and scale.

She was previously an Investment Manager for local community development at La Caisse des Depots in France (€460 Billion Assets Under Management), providing tailored financing to impact organizations and local governments, in the form of equity investments in Special Purpose Vehicles, long term loans and quasi equity.

Emeline is currently the Impact Investment Manager at Thrive Impact Fund (TIF), the new impact first fund providing flexible debt financing and wrap-around support to nonprofits and social enterprises in British Columbia. She is also a Social Finance Researcher for the parent company of TIF, Scale Collaborative, providing expertise and support to initiatives such as The Business Legacies, focusing on community acquisitions of businesses, and various research projects.