Framework for Economic Reconciliation

What purpose does the framework serve?

One of the priority actions of this initiative is to develop a framework for economic reconciliation.  In addition to supporting SFU CED to deepen its commitment and actions related to reconciliation, we hope this framework can motivate change in economic development practices across the province.

Economic Reconciliation is a form of reconciliation in action. It is a commitment by all stakeholders involved to create meaningful paths of self-determination, relationships and equitable partnerships. Through a holistic approach, it encourages building opportunities for all peoples to achieve their full potential and shared prosperity. The work of Economic Reconciliation is complex and ultimately influences every aspect of life. 

Our approach

Regional Convenings with Indigenous Leadership and communities

We are supporting our Indigenous collaborators to develop a framework to guide the work of SFU and partners across the province. Our approach focuses on convening Indigenous leaders from the education, finance, government and technical assistance sectors. Input from Indigenous leadership is crucial, as the framework must not only be built on the foundation of Indigenous knowledge, but also respond to the needs and goals of First Nations communities across BC. 

Engaging with Non-Indigenous actors

Our convenings also include key non-Indigenous stakeholders to participate as active listeners in the conversation. They are thought leaders, movers and doers in their industries and communities. We hope to inspire them, increase their knowledge and motivate them to make changes within their organization, engage in deeper conversations regarding Economic Reconciliation and to support the framework as it is developed and implemented.  As the framework takes shape, we will continue to engage different institutions and actors that can utilize the framework to collaborate with Indigenous partners.

Thank you to our supporters

Support for the regional convening engagements comes from Vancity Credit Union

Connect with us

If you think that your community or organization should be a part of these convenings, we would love to hear from you. Contact Chief Leanne at or Lily at