Summer Meetings (alternating bi-weekly):

Saturday: 8:00-9:00PM

Sunday: 10:00-11:00AM

On Discord:

Come join us in our weekly meetings to get involved and to meet your fellow WiE members at SFU. Newcomers always welcome!

Members of WiE 2019.


Follow us on our instagram: @wiesfu

Who is WiE?

The Women in Engineering Group (WiE), consisting of approximately 150 members, strives to encourage and support the excellence of women who pursue engineering. By nurturing strong academic and social relationships, we aspire to increase the presence of women in STEM - to not only succeed in their professional careers, but to inspire the future generations of young females. 

Our current priority is community connections through WIE's three major portfolios: 

Provide guidance to women

  •      In their transition from high school to university life 
  •     During their university career
  •     Into the corporate world post-graduation. 

All of this is possible through programs and events such as the High School Outreach Program, Mentorship Program, and Corporate Opportunities Program - including annual networking events and company visits.

Welcome to WiE!

Page Updated: May 25, 2021