Summer 2005 – BC Provincial Election Media Coverage

July 26, 2007

“This seminar examined media coverage of the 2005 BC provincial election.  Three teams of student researchers examined how print and broadcasting media covered different elements of the campaign.”

  • Teresa Tang, Stephanie Maniago, Andrew Muir and Sara Thom compared the dinner hour news programs of the CBC and Global, exploring the differences between the content offered by public and private broadcasters. Full report here…
  • Agnes Gulbinowicz, Emily Chu and Bruce Harms compared election reporting in The Vancouver Sun and The Tyee, assessing the extent to which alternative media provided a different perspective than mainstream media.
  • Bethany Brown, Ilia Horsburgh and Emily Klem focused upon media coverage given to the referendum on changing the province’s electoral system to a single transferrable vote.  The instructor for ths seminar was Shane Gunster.  Reports by each group are available for download in the Newswatch Research Publications section.