Graduate Studies Opportunities

Are you thinking of graduate school?

Are you interested in:

  • social aspects of information technology and health?
  • health informatics?
  • cyberinfrastructure and e-science studies?
  • science, technology and society studies?
  • art and technology?

We are seeking graduate students at the master’s and doctoral level who are interested in working in a collaborative team environment on a variety of research projects, in the following areas:

  • Issues arising with increased use of information technology to gather and analyse health information;
  • Issues related to health information production, including the relationship between information system architecture / cyber-infrastructures, organizations and health indicators and data quality,
  • Issues related to the use of health information, including information literacy and use of health information by decision makers;
  • Issues related to cyberinfrastructure and e-science, particularly in health;
  • Issues arising for health care providers with increased use of information technology, (e.g., technology use in context and work practice studies; issues of standardization);
  • Ethical, legal and governance issues related to health sector information technology;
  • Science, technology and society studies;
  • Studies concerned with art and technology.

Working as a Research Assistant in the ATIC Design Lab 

As a research assistant, you will have an opportunity to conduct research in a variety of settings (such as hospitals, community health clinics, doctor’s offices, and community organizations that provide health services, or, if your topic is art, with practicing artists and in art worlds), while enrolled in a graduate program at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada). You will have access to mentors from a variety of disciplines, a strong network of field research settings, and access to research funding opportunities. 

Benefits to students include:

  • Funded research opportunities to complete thesis research (check for availability);
  • Working in a multidisciplinary environment;
  • Developing required skills for communicating with multiple stakeholder audiences;
  • Gaining transferable research skills;
  • Having the unconditional support of the outstanding members of the Assessment of Technology in Context Design Lab, a down to earth, outgoing group of people;
  • Living, playing and working in beautiful, culturally diverse Vancouver, British Columbia, which affords numerous year-round recreational opportunities (skiing, biking, sailing, hiking).

Experience, Education and other Requirements

  • Interest in issues related to our current research;
  • Strong academic record;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills including ability to meet deadlines;
  • Relevant previous academic and / or employment experience (academic discipline open);
  • That you enjoy life and have a sense of humour.

For more information call Ellen Balka @ 604-725-2756