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As a leader in the field of Communication, the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University has 50 years of groundbreaking research and faculty excellence. We are proud to be one of the best communication programs in the country. We're excited for you to explore an undergraduate degree, immerse yourself in a graduate program, and get industry experience with co-op. 


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The School of Communication offers a variety of courses with world-class faculty, allowing you not only to experience an education that aligns with your goals and interests but also letting you get the most out of your degree.

Communication studies is disctinct from English and Journalism because it takes a more dynamic and holistic view of the many ways people make and share meaning. In our courses, you will get hands-on experience using digital tools that will help you create audio, video, and online content. Our courses prepare you to succeed not only in our media-saturated everyday world but also in a career in communication and technology.

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Featured Students

Gideone Kremler is our CMNS Indigenous Peer Mentor. Learn all about Gideone in our new student spotlight!

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Influential Alumni

CMNS alumnus Grace Mavko secures a full-time position at Nine Point Agency, where she first started as an intern.

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Esteemed Faculty

We have amazing faculty, including Adel Iskandar, who tells us all about his unwavering curiousity about the media and global communication.

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