Post-Doctoral Position Opportunities

Are you interested in a post-doctoral position or visiting our lab?

We love having post-doctoral fellows and visitors at the ATIC lab.

As both a lab employee and visitor, we will provide you with access to university facilities, work space, a computer and software to use during your stay, and a supportive group of colleagues with related interests. In addition, there may be opportunities to gain teaching experience as well, if you join us as a grant funded employee or are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Some people come with their own research funding (normally from a national funding agency), and others come to work on projects we have received grants to conduct.  For positions we fund from grants, we require a minimum commitment of one year, and sometimes longer depending upon the grant and funding source. If you accept a post-doctoral position funded through one of our grants, you will be expected to spend most of your work time (e.g., 4 days per week) on our projects. Our expectation is that you will publish, and we will assist you in realizing that goal. If you come with your own funding, we will expect you to participate in regularly scheduled research group meetings and periodically present to our research group about your work.

We receive a lot of requests from students and post-doctoral fellows interested in coming to Vancouver to carry out fieldwork. Due to the nature of fieldwork (which may be stalled due to changes in our study site, for example, or delays in obtaining ethical clearance), we require a one year commitment from any student or visitor interested in pursuing field based studies through our lab. If you’d like to visit for a shorter time, we are happy to host you but will not be in a position to negotiate access to a field site for you. Instead, we suggest that you consult with Dr. Balka to develop a work plan which can be carried out during the period of time you’d like to visit us, and which takes advantage of what our research group has to offer. 

Please contact Dr. Ellen Balka to learn about whether or not we currently have any openings for grant funded post-doctoral fellows, or to discuss a project you’d like to carry out as a self-funded visitor.

For more information call Ellen Balka @ 604-725-2756