In the early 21st century, global flows of popular culture and digital technologies have continued to grow. In particular, the transnationalization of popular culture and digital technologies from the Global South has increasingly become part of our ever-shifting media ecology. The Transnational Culture and Digital Technology Lab is dedicated to examine not only the transnationality of culture and digital media, but also the convergence of digital technologies (e.g., smartphones, apps, and social media) and cultural content (e.g., K-pop, TV dramas, and webtoons), which entails a transformation that maximizes the benefits to both users and industries.

This research lab is dedicated to the study of transnationality in its multiple forms and geographies, as well as its cultural impacts, economics, and cultural politics. By conducting research on the forms of transnationality from the Global South in the global sphere, it studies the ways in which popular culture is seamlessly integrated into digital technology and other areas of everyday media use.