Research Colloquium:Crisis Media, or Some Afterthoughts on Documentary’s Expanded Fields

Dr. Jihoon Kim, Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at Chung-ang University

Tue, April 11 6:00pm-7:30pm PST

Harbour Centre Room 1800

This talk offers some afterthoughts on Dr. Kim's recent book Documentary’s Expanded Fields in relation to the current book project entitled Crisis Media: Expansion of Media in the Precarious 21st Century. This project develops the concept of ‘crisis media’ as an array of media practices and formations that function as both to cause and to respond to various regional and planetary crises encompassing climate change, civil wars and protests, extraction of resources and labor, and the epistemological and ontological crises imposed by the computational forms of control and governmentality. 

Jihoon Kim is professor of cinema and media studies at Chung-ang University. He is the author of Documentary’s Expanded Fields: New Media and the Twenty-First-Century Documentary (Oxford University Press, 2022) and Between Film, Video, and the Digital: Hybrid Moving Images in the Post-media Age (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018/16. Currently he is finalizing Activism and Post-activism: Korean Documentary Cinema, 1982-2022, the first English-language monograph on the subject, as well as Crisis Media: Expansion of Media in the Precarious 21st Century.


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