The SFU userid

The SFU userid (SFU Computing ID) is used for authentication and in many other ways. Everyone in SFU has an SFU userid.

    it contains letters and digits only.
        it does NOT contain any other characters.
    it has maximum length of 8.


    many people confuse the SFU userid and the SFU email alias.
    some people confuse the SFU userid and the SFU ID, and the SFU email address.
    it doesn't help that SFU userid is called different things in various SFU documentation.


Here, we try to clarify these terms.


What it's called... What it looks like... What it's used for...
  • SFU ID
  • Student number
  • Emplid


(exactly 9 digits)

For identity, grades.
Not shared widely.
Used for login by applicants, not students.


(up to 8 letters & digits)

For login, along with your password.
It's a unique string identifies you in SFU.
Used in your SFU email address.
You could be asked to use it in an assignment filename.
Login at to see it, at the top of the page.
  • SFU email
  • SFU email address
  • SFU Mail address
  • Email address

(userid + "")

For email communication.
Used by SFU, instructors, fellow students. 
Only letters and digits in front of "" in your SFU email address.
    No "_" (underscores) in your SFU email address.
    No "." (dots) in your SFU email address.
  • SFU email alias
  • Email alias


You also get an email alias, an alternate email, constructed from your names.
    An alias may have one or more "_" underscore characters;
    An alias may have one or more "." dots;
    An alias may have a number not in the userid.
The emails sent to your SFU email alias goes to the same mailbox as your SFU email address.
Please never use alias for login. Please always use your userid for login.