Developing Minds

Save the Date - February 16, 2024

The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences want to thank our teaching constituencies in the Lower Mainland for your commitment to Developing Minds, an opportunity to get together to talk about new teaching pedagogies and evidence-based design in the fundamental curriculum transitions that are affecting K-16 in the Lower Mainland and indeed all of BC. 

After five excellent years, we need to take a sabbatical and go back to the drawing board with some original research and fresh thinking.

Save the date for February 16, 2024 when we will unveil our new direction. In the meantime, please share with us some ideas about what you would like to see explored in some original research or curricula for educational change.

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Critical Thinking in Secondary and Post-Secondary Education

Recent changes in the BC education curriculum established Critical Thinking as a core teaching approach throughout K-12 classrooms. Students benefit from a rich community of inquiry that promotes deeper understanding of curriculum content and equips them with valuable life skills. School systems already using this approach have documented success using a number of outcome metrics.

Critical thinking skills transfer readily from the classroom into post-secondary education, and beyond. Not only do they enhance learning outcomes but students also gain a competitive advantage in the job market by acquiring skills in critical, creative and collaborative thinking frequently sought by modern employers.

Developing Minds seeks to open up discussion among provincial education stakeholders keen to explore how teaching critical thinking in K-12 classrooms transfers into post-secondary education for student benefit. 

Simon Fraser University presents a day of roundtable discussion and keynote presentations on teaching critical thinking within BC’s education system, with a focus on connecting creative thinking with critical thinking skills in the classroom. Attendees will hear from keynote speakers with direct experience, and then collaborate to build a provincial framework of reference.