Here to build a better future

Simon Fraser University is stepping up to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery. Our faculty, students and staff are engaged with people and organizations in Canada and around the world to drive innovation, improve public health, fight climate change, promote democracy, and create exciting new economic opportunities. In these, and so many other ways, we’re here to help shape a better future for everyone.

We work with First Nations to advance health and wellness. BC First Nations Health Authority Chair and health sciences professor Jeff Reading promotes Indigenous health and wellness.

We foster entrepreneurial innovation. Indigenous Business Leadership Program director Alexia McKinnon works with Indigenous peoples and communities to support economic innovation.

We drive transformative economic change. Through RADIUS SFU, we support changemakers to build a more just, resilient and dynamic economy.

We improve food security. Environment professor Tammara Soma looks at how we can foster food security in resilient and thriving communities.

We reduce inequality and promote democracy. Communication professor and Canada 150 Research Chair Wendy Chun heads SFU’s Digital Democracies Institute where she works to advance equality, social justice and democratic dialogue.

We build inclusive communities. Andy Yan, director of SFU’s City Program, studies solutions to COVID-19’s impact on cities and housing.

We engage communities to solve problems. Through SFU Innovates we use research and innovation to drive positive social change in communities.

We help chart an inclusive recovery. Health sciences researcher Julia Smith develops recommendations to ensure women benefit from an equitable economic recovery.

We support more inclusive learning environments. Education professor Inna Stepaniuk explores ways to decolonize educational systems and design more equitable programs.