Here to build a better future

Simon Fraser University is stepping up to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery. Our faculty, students and staff are engaged with people and organizations in Canada and around the world to drive innovation, improve public health, fight climate change, promote democracy, and create exciting new economic opportunities. In these, and so many other ways, we’re here to help shape a better future for everyone.

We foster entrepreneurial innovationIndigenous Business Leadership Program director Alexia McKinnon works with Indigenous peoples and communities to support economic innovation.

We train the next generation of cleantech engineers. Students at SFU’s School of Sustainable Energy Engineering learn to become global leaders in cleantech.

We plan for the post-COVID economy. Management professor David Hannah works with people and businesses on strategies and innovations to help them adapt to changes in work brought about by the pandemic.

We develop new talent. Computing science professor Uwe Glasser addresses the severe talent shortage in cybersecurity with a new professional master’s program.

We help young entrepreneurs succeed. The Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship helps students build their confidence and learn skills to become innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers.

We help people adapt to changes at work. Business professor Terri Griffiths looks at what work will be like after COVID-19 and develops strategies to help people adapt and succeed.

We turn invention into innovation. Professor Elicia Maine won the 2021 BC Cleantech Top Educator Award for teaching scientists and engineers how to turn their discoveries into viable companies.

We train tomorrow’s environmental scientists. SFU’s School of Environmental Science helps scientists learn to tackle some of our toughest environmental challenges.

We’re a global innovation leader. SFU ranks #3 among world universities for fostering entrepreneurial spirit.

We support aspiring entrepreneurs. With start-up incubators like SFU’s Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection, we help entrepreneurs take their ideas to market.

We help students gain practical experience. The SFU Entrepreneurship Co-op awards students $10,000 to work on their start-up companies while receiving university credit.

We develop new technologies. Technology Entrepreneurship@SFU brings students together to develop and market new, solution-driven technological products.

We are powering Canada's fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Our professional Master of Engineering Smart Manufacturing and Systems will train the next generation of advanced digital manufacturing professionals.

We help organizations build capacity for digital transformation. The Digital Innovations and Leadership (DIAL) program delivers systems change solutions for Canadian employers to acquire new talent or upskill current employees.

We build the workforce of tomorrow. 4000+ co-op placements have given our students the skills and experience they need for success.