Exciting changes have come to the Environmental Science Program!

In response to input from Environmental Science students and the 2015 External Review of the program the Environmental Science Steering Committee, our EVSC Instructor (Marnie Branfireun), the Coordinator, Academic Programs and Academic Advisor (Rebecca Ho),  and I have been working hard to reshape the Environmental Science program. 

These exciting changes came into effect in fall 2017. The current requirements are not being phased out as students are still completing them.  However, some of the courses are being replaced.  Current students (admitted prior to fall 2017) have the option of completing the program requirements that were in place when they were admitted to the program (their ‘requirement term’) or transferring into the new requirements in fall 2017.  New students admitted in fall 2017 and beyond will follow the new requirements.

The new course requirements are in the SFU fall 2017 calendar and also on the ‘Fall 2017 Graduation Checklists.’  The requirements for both the major and honours programs are listed.

If you have questions about the new changes, please contact Rebecca Ho, the Environment Science Advisor at: envadv@sfu.ca.

Jeremy Venditti
Director, Environmental Science

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