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2023 Webinar Series

We are pleased to announce a FREE webinar series that has been developed with support of the Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture and Education (CIRCE), the Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy (CSELP) and imaginED. This webinar series uncovers the multifaceted ways in which imagination contributes to effective leadership and how it can be developed. It is also serving as a celebratory launch of the text Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Transforming Schools and Communities (Teachers College Press, 2023). Research in the book is organized around three themes: exploring possibilities, poetics of memory, and imagination’s role in social justice and equity. One of the main goals of this webinar series is to unpack different research findings and perspectives and develop a dialogue and discourse around imagination and across themes.

This webinar series cover:

  • digs into research in Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Transforming Schools and Communities with contributing authors and leaders.
  • explores empirical and conceptual research on imagination’s varied roles in educational leadership.
  • introduces practical strategies and implementable techniques for cultivating leadership imagination.
  • cultivates dialogue and discourse around imagination's vital role in leadership.


  • Webinar One: April 25          (4-5:30 PDT)
  • Webinar Two: May 17           (4-5:30 PDT)  
  • Webinar Three: June 13        (4-5:30 PDT)

Faculty of Education Summer Institute

Every year CSELP supports the SFU Faculty of Education Summer Institute, an academic conference for SFU students, faculty, and the general public. This conference is held at SFU's Surrey Campus, is free of charge, and designed to help build a thoughtful dialogue on key education issues facing the Province.