Skookum Lab – Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC)

Convened by the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC), Skookum Lab applies a social innovation approach to tackle the high rate of Indigenous child and youth poverty in Surrey by uniting people that experience  poverty, making their lived experience visible, and honouring the wisdom of the urban Indigenous community. Indigenous social innovation is not a new practice. Indigenous peoples have always been unwavering innovators. They have used their gifts to adapt to change, address complex issues, and develop community-based solutions since time of immemorial. Skookum Lab is a space to continue to do this important work.

International School Health Network

The International School Health Network (ISHN) is an informal network bringing together UN agencies, organizations and research centres concerned with school health promotion, safety and social development. CSELP links to the network and is part of its Collaborating Centre on Community & School Health recognized by the World Health Organization. A particular focus for our work will be on how programs promoting health, safety and social development can be better integrated within the educational priorities, practices and constraints of our school systems.

CSELP scholars are willing to work with schools, districts, colleges and universities. Topics include:

  • Leadership development
  • Organizational and policy analysis
  • And other research tailored to your specific needs 

For more information, please contact the Centre's Director,
Dr. Michelle Pidgeon