Mission Statement

Complex Systems Modelling Group (CSMG) is an inter-disciplinary research group that provides cutting edge mathematical modelling, business analytics, data analysis and synthesis to public sector clients in BC and Canada. It focuses on applying academic research and techniques to real life problems faced by providers of public services. CSMG strives to be an asset to governments and the public sector at large. The group leads collaborations on complex problems that extend into domains of multiple departments, branches or ministries. 

Critical to the group’s success is its partnership with SFU's Big Data Initiative which hosts and facilitates CSMG’s research through its state-of-the-art collaborative and computational resources as well as its professional management support team.

CSMG's strength is its ability to join the theoretical with the practical in unique and innovative ways. Their models unite sophisticated mathematical theory with real-world applications. CSMG has played an important role in informing public policy through its collaborations with British Columbia’s Ministries and other policymakers, including the Ministry of Health Services, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Ministry of Attorney General and the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. A current focus of the CSMG is modelling the complex relationships between police, the Crown Attorney’s office, the courts and the Corrections divisions of British Columbia’s criminal justice system. CSMG also currently models the impact of the expansion of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) in combating the HIV epidemic in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Lastly, CSMG is working on a model of Intensive Care Units and critical care patient transfers for all of BC in collaboration with the BC Critical Care Working Group and the BC Health Authorities.