Transforming the SFU experience through digital improvements - Key Initiatives in Progress

November 10, 2023

This message is sent on behalf of Brian Stewart, Chief Information Officer and Jastej Aujla, Chief Information Security Officer, to faculty and staff at Simon Fraser University. 

At SFU, we recognize how much our faculty and staff depend on technology to support and streamline their work, learning, and collaboration. To further improve the security, connection, and effectiveness of your digital experiences, we are advancing our digital transformation journey in line with the priorities outlined in What's Next: The SFU Strategy. 

To ensure a unified approach across SFU, the IT Strategies Committee (ITSC) governs and advises on essential IT initiatives and investments. The cross-institutional committee works closely with the SFU Executive team, ensuring the right IT investments are made at the right time to promote a more streamlined process, leading to greater benefits for the university.  

As we move forward in phased approaches for our key initiatives, we'll inform you about any changes to your IT systems and programs. As a preview, we wanted to share updates on some of the critical projects that are now in motion:

  • Centralizing support through IT ServiceHub: Figuring out who to contact for IT help should be simple. That's why we're moving towards centralizing all services through the IT ServiceHub . This self-service portal is your resource for all tech-related queries, solutions, and services at SFU. Use it to request IT help, explore and use IT services, access informative tech articles and stay informed about ongoing projects. The portal's services span IT support, account management, desktop services and security features like VPN and multi-factor authentication. Make the IT ServiceHub your first stop for streamlined, efficient and timely tech support.  
  • Microsoft 365 (M365): We plan to fully implement Microsoft 365 across all SFU-managed computers to promote greater collaboration and research within our community. This cloud-based platform, already adopted by several departments at SFU, will streamline communications and efficiency through an advanced suite of products and resources. Learn more about this transition and the benefits it will bring. 
  • Device Standardization: We're standardizing our list of supported devices across the university to provide an integrated environment for hardware, software and security protocols, reducing challenges in managing and troubleshooting devices across our campuses. We're introducing a persona-based approach to ensure the best match between user needs and device capabilities. We will continue to update these recommendations in alignment with evolving user needs and technological advancements. This project will ensure an optimal user experience, improved security and efficient device management.  
  • Automation: We're working on projects that can free up our time by simplifying manual processes using workflow tools and applications. We are exploring how automation can be used in different aspects of our IT systems to optimize our resources, improve our operations, ensure resilience and SFU's future growth.  
  • Enterprise Licensing review: We are launching an Enterprise Licensing review to increase cost efficiency, reduce redundancies, and maximize our IT investments. 

These and many other projects are moving us toward an exciting, innovative, integrated technology future at SFU. We'll be sharing more about these initiatives as they near implementation. 

Thank you in advance for your support as we undertake these significant initiatives to optimize our processes, technology and facilities while empowering our students, faculty and staff to achieve our academic mandate. 


Brian Stewart
Chief Information Officer

Jastej Aujla
Chief Information Security Officer