Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Theses Senior Supervisor

Pennefather, Patrick (PhD, 2016), Mentoring strategies in a project-based learning environment: A focus on self-regulation

Hum, Gregory (PhD, 2016), Learning Experiences During Postgraduate Studies in the Sciences: Exploring Variations and Outcomes

Boelryk, Annique (PhD, 2014), Professional learning and post-secondary teaching: Investigating faculty’s lived experience of development in teaching practice

Wilson, Mary (PhD, 2012), Faculty development in higher education. A meta-synthesis of the literature

Edwards, Barbara (EdD, 2009), It takes a village: Perceptions of the SFU research assistant experience

McCaughan, Kareen (PhD, 2008), Problem-based learning tutors’ beliefs and challenges

McComb, Tina (EdD, 2007), “I won’t, I might, I am”: Undergraduate women and Stages of Change for participation in leadership development activities

Ka’ahanui, Kamuela (EdD, 2003), Post-secondary counselling preferences among native Hawaiians

Moxness, Katherine (PhD, 2001), Individual instructor’s perceptions of teaching context: Identifying facilitators and barriers to completion of teaching projects

Barise, Abdullahi (PhD, 1998), The effectiveness of case-based instruction vs. the lecture-discussion method in multicultural social work

Gryspeerdt, Danielle (PhD, 1997), Factors influencing change in the conceptualization and practice of university teaching: Two case studies of novice instructors

Masters Theses Senior Supervisor

Bischoff, Pam (2015), Exploring Barriers and Enablers to Technology Integration into Pedagogical Practice

Zhang, Qi (2013), Exploring the experiences of faculty-led teams in conducting SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grant projects

Sator, Andrea (2010), An Exploration of Transfer of Learning Opportunities in an On-line Cooperative Education Preparatory Curriculum

Mundy, Amrit (2008), A Comparison of course outlines before and after a faculty development workshop

Vogt, Krista (2007), Leadership development at university: Comparing student leaders with different levels of involvement in a leadership program

Krbavac, Marie (2006), An examination of mathematics self-efficacy and performance: A classroom research study

Manuputty, Richard (2000), Enhancing student self-assessment through criterion-reference evaluation: An action-research study in teaching and learning writing at Pattimura University Ambon, Indonesia

Price, Nancy (1997), An investigation of the relationships between learning context, student approach to learning and student learning outcomes in distance education

Joly, Michelle (1995), A comparative analysis of approaches to course design and development in distance education

Rogerson, Helene (1993), Investigation of the instructional role of fax and electronic mail in three distance education courses with differing learning goals

Gryspeerdt, Danielle (1991), The effects of prior knowledge on meaningful learning in the university classroom