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Courses Taught

Teaching Children and Youth with Special Needs

EDUC 426

An introduction to the field of special education including studies of the definitional criteria and characteristics of major categories of special need, and the distinctive instructional challenges associated with these categories. The course focuses on the special learning needs of school age students, both elementary and secondary school levels, and emphasizes both the analysis of issues and treatment needs across the array of special needs. Prerequisite: Students may be required to successfully complete a Criminal Record Check. 60 units including EDUC 220 or PSYC 250, or EDUC 401/402 or Corequsite: EDUC 403.

The Neurobiology of Language and Reading Development

EDUC 826

Reviews theories of language and reading development for children with and without learning disabilities and the neurobiological evidence in support of these theories.

Instructional Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

EDUC 828

Reviews policies and procedures intended to support learning of children with high-incidence disabilities in general education classrooms. Prerequisite: EDUC 826 or consent of the instructor.

Contemporary Issues in Learning and Developmental Disorders

EDUC 829

Selective issues important and current in the fields of learning and developmental disorders are examined in depth. The objective is to enable students to master a significant body of knowledge in these areas and to identify areas of interest.

Faculty Mentor

Introduction to Classroom Teaching


A half term of observation and experience in a BC school during which students work as a team with a teacher selected by school authorities and appointed by Simon Fraser University as a school associate. Students observe, teach and participate in school routines and programs. Grading is on a pass/withdraw basis. Students with credit for EDUC 403 may not take EDUC 401 for further credit. Prerequisite: Admission to Professional Development Program. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check. Writing.

Studies of Educational Theory and Practice


A half term of study which provides students with workshops, seminars, and lectures designed to introduce them to basic curriculum and methods appropriate for the age/grade level in which they expect to teach. Students will also be given an introduction to generic teaching skills, as well as to current issues in educational theory and practice. Grading is on a pass/withdraw basis. Prerequisite: Admission to PDP or PLP program. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check. Writing.