Selected Refereed Conference Presentations

Han, H. (2016, April). Introduction: Minority Religious Institutions as Alternative Spaces in Applied Linguistics. Colloquium paper presented at the 38th American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Orlando, FL.

Han, H., Kristjansson, C. (2016, April). Religious Institutions as Alternative Spaces in Applied Linguistic Research: Taking Stock, and Moving Forward. Colloquium Co-organizer at the 38thAmerican Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando, FL.

Han, H. (2015, October). Understanding and problematizing the “Chinese as the new colonizer” discourse in northern Namibia: A modest proposal for an applied linguistics emancipating perspectives of and from the global South. Individual paper presented at the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Workshop: Two Projects, One Workshop. Cape Town, South Africa.

Han, H. (2015, September). Stratification in Globalization: The Intersection of Race, State, and Class in China-Africa Interactions. Panel paper presented at the Asian Studies in Africa conference. Accra, Ghana.

Han, H. (2015, June). Ethnic and linguistic minorities in China: Sociolinguistic ethnography of multilingual practices, ideologies and identities. Panel organizer and discussant at Sociolinguistics of Globalization 2015. Hong Kong.

Han, H. (2015, June). Gold panners, or colonialists? Constructing “the Chinese” in a Post-colonial Bordertown in Northern Namibia. Panel paper presented at Sociolinguistics of Globalization 2015. Hong Kong.

Han, H. (2014, December). Exploring Race in Trade and Migration Between China and Africa in Globalization: Intersections with Gender, Nation-state, Class, and/or Religion. Panel organizer, Chair, and discussant at the 3rd Conference of the Chinese-in-Africa/Africans-in-China (CA/AC) International Network. Guangzhou, China.

Han, H. (2014, October). “China shops” in Oshikango: Grassroots Multilingualism at the Namibia-Angola Border in Globalization. Invited colloquium paper at the Department of East Asia Studies (EAS) Colloquium, Fall 2014, with support from Africana Studies, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT), and the College of Humanities, the University of Arizona the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Han, H. (2014, August). Negotiating race, gender, class and nationality in fieldwork in China and Namibia. Individual paper for the 17th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA). Brisbane, Australia.

Han, H. (2014, March). Plurilingual(ism) or Multilingual(ism): The case of “China shops” in Southern Africa. Individual paper presented at the 36th American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Portland, OR.

Han, H. (2014, February). Grassroots Multilingualism in China-Africa Trade and Migration: Class Stratification in Globalization. Individual paper at the Mobility, misery and unmoored multilingualism: an invited workshop on the implications of the multiplication of margins. Center for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University, Sweden.