Social Issue Oriented

The social issue-oriented Ice-Fire-Earth Trilogy was composed of these three full-length works:

  • The Ice Project, a three-year research project with teenagers explored issues that can lead to teen suicide (1995-97) and culminated in a full-length music/theatre/dance production, ICE: beyond cool. National tours were completed in the fall of 2000; a television adaptation aired nationally in the fall of 2001.
  • The Fire Project, another multi-year, multi-disciplinary project with teenagers explored how youth are affected by violence; the first performance of FIRE…where there’s smoke was at the Vancouver Dance Centre, 2001. National tours followed in 2003 and 2009.
  • The Earth Project was an initiative that explored issues of environmental sustainability and social justice as seen through the experience and sensibilities of youth around the world. The Earth Project included workshops, performances, festivals, touring, youth mentorship and the development of educational materials, 2001-2007. EARTH=home, the production that emerged from the workshops in Canada and abroad, was a multidiscipline, professional production that premiered at the EARTH Festival and toured to 9 Canadian cities in 2009.