Research Projects and Funding

  • April 2015 
    Early Childhood Education International Non-Credit Certificate Program 

    Grant received from the SFU International Engagement Fund, $10,000
  • April 2011 
    An Investigation into Teacher Inquiry methodology in Teacher Educatio
    Principle Investigator: Margaret MacDonald; Co-Investigator: Cher Hill
    Teaching and Learning Centre Grant, $10,000
  • April 2009 
    Research Centre Infrastructure Funding: Audio Video Imaging (AVI) Preschool Research Centr
    Principal Investigator: Margaret MacDonald
    Canada Foundation for Innovation Leaders, Opportunity Fund (CFI LOF) and BCKDF, $200,000 Awarded over 5 years
  • April 2009 
    The Use of Pedagogical Documentation to support First Nations Heritage Language Instruction in Early Childhood Education

    Principal Investigator: Margaret MacDonald; Co-Investigator: Danièle Moore
    SSHRC, Standard, $10,300 for 12 months
  • January 2009 
    The Construction of Cultural Identity Among Stó:lō Mothers of First Nation Origin 

    Principal Investigator: Margaret MacDonald
    SSHRC, Small, $6,100
  • December 2006–September 2009
    Intergenerational Teaching and Learning: Implications for a heritage language immersion program for children of First Nations origi
    Principal Investigator: Danièle Moore; Co-Investigators: Margaret MacDonald, Maureen Hoskyn
    Human Early Learning Partnership (H.E.L.P.), $35,015 (over 3 years)
  • January, 2005 The use of photo and video documentation in the creation of an efficacious attitude toward mothering pre-term infants
    Principal Investigator: Margaret MacDonald
    SSHRC, Small, $5,000 (Awarded over 1 year)
  • September, 2004 The Use of Documentation to Inform Instructional Practice
    Principal Investigator: Margaret MacDonald
    President’s Research Grant, $10,000 (Awarded over 1 year)