Arts-based educational research

  • Supporting disadvantaged and marginalized children and youth through online art pedagogies during COVID-19
  • Facilitating refugee students’ access to education through art that supports language learning, improved mental health, trust and development of a sense of belonging in trauma-informed classrooms

Refugee education

  • SSHRC Partnership Development grant, “Pathways to education: An international study to understand the educational experiences of refugee children with dis/abilities” in Canada, Jordan & Kazakhstan.

Creative writing

  • Promoting wellbeing in student university experiences
  • Supporting new teachers’ identity formation through narrative writing & video instruction
  • Ethics, aesthetics and the ineffable in learning through literature and creative writing
  • Distance education course design implementing story experiences for undergraduate students
  • Storytelling across the curriculum

Literacy and academic writing

  • Series of videos on academic writing for first year university students
  • Teaching “pre-literate” refugee students through emotional regulation, narrative and art

Research Grants

  • 2020–2024
    Pathways to Education: An international study to understand the educational experiences of refugee children with dis/abilities
    SSHRC Partnership Grant, $200,000
    Principle Investigator: R. Williamson; Co-Investigators: D. Leitch, F. Bemak, M. Masahiro, S. Barber.
  • 2018–2019
    Refugee and Newcomer Advisory Committee Research Grant
    SFU Seed Grant, $5,000
    Principal Investigator
  • 2016–2017 
    Writing for Creativity and Wellness – fiction writing workshops for SFU students.
    Teaching and Learning Development Grant, $6,000
    Principal Investigator
  • 2013–2014
    Instructional videos for academic writing
    Teaching and Learning Grant, $5,000
    Principal Investigator
  • 2012–2013
    Instructional videos for narrative writing for pre-service teachers
    Teaching and Learning Grant, $5,000
    Principal Investigator
  • 2010–2012
    Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling
    NSERC Grant, $5,000
    Principal Investigator: Veso Jungic, Math; Role of story writer/editor