Peer-Reviewed Articles

Vasko, Z. (2015), Connections between Artistic Practice and Experiences in Nature: Considerations for how Art Education Can Engender Ecological Awareness. Canadian Review of Art Education, 42(2), 69–79.

Vasko, Z. (2007), The Arts and the Authentic Learner, SFU Educational Review, 2006.

Conference Proceedings

Smith, R & Vasko, Z (2018). Drawing meaning from nature: observation, symbols and stories. In D. Zandvliet (Ed.), Culture/Environment: Weaving new connections. Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Other Publications

Pandora’s Collective Poetry Contest (2017), First Place Winner,

“About the Teacher”, contributing author, Global Citizenship in Teaching and Learning, a workbook published by the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth, University of British Columbia, 2008

Bedrich Grunzweig: Between Heaven and Earth (book of photographs) translation from Czech to English of essay by Jolana Havelkova, 1999