The Simon Fraser University English Language and Culture program (SFU ELC) is accepting students for summer 2024 (July-August).
Deadlines to apply: 8-week programs – June 7, 2024; 4-week program – July 12, 2024.
SFU ELC will not be accepting students beyond the July-August programs.

8-week program
with specialization

Taking five days of classes each week, you will immerse yourself in English conversation and practise real, everyday English instead of learning from a textbook. Our Specialization program focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and exploring Canadian culture. Plus, you will take a Specialization class on the topic of your choice, such as business English or IELTS preparation. By taking classes and enjoying a variety of after-class activities, you will discover what it’s like to live, work, study and play in Canada.

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Duration: 8 weeks
Instruction: 27 hours/week
Schedule: Monday–Thursday 9 a.m.–3:20 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Curriculum: 6 courses plus specialization
Tuition: $3,550

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Application deadlines

Deadline to apply
Jan 2 – Feb 23, 2024 Dec 15, 2023
Feb 27 – Apr 19 Feb 2
Apr 29 – Jun 21 Apr 5
Jul 2 – Aug 23 Jun 7

Tuition and Fees

Program length
1 term $3,550
2 terms $7,100
3 terms $10,650
4 terms $14,200
5 terms $17,750

Plus one-time application fee: $250

Other expenses
Estimated cost
Homestay $1,325/term
One-time homestay placement fee $450
Medical insurance $60-$75/month
Public transportation $137/month

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Why this program?

  • Improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills
  • Take one specialization course focused on your personal interests
  • Learn from 6–7 instructors to experience different speaking styles 
  • Use authentic learning materials based on current events
  • Go on field trips to expand on in-class learning
  • Enjoy a variety of group activities after class

Sample Class Schedule

* Study what interests you. Each Friday, you will take one Specialization course. See course options

Core Curriculum

9 AM–3:20 PM

Each week, you will study six subjects, each with a different instructor.

Canadian Studies

Gain an understanding of Canadian culture by exploring Canada’s geography, history, government, social structure and current events. You will learn how to watch, interpret, discuss and respond to what Canadians are saying, which will help you to analyze the cultural background of any country.


Improve your English grammar skills and learn how to write to a Canadian audience. You will learn to organize your thoughts and express ideas so that Canadian readers will be able to understand what you’ve written. You may also experiment with creative writing genres.

Listening Practice

The English slang and expressions used in popular media, music and daily conversations can be hard for students to understand. In this course, you will learn to understand not only what people are saying, but also how and why they choose their words and expressions for various situations.

News Media

Practice your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills by analyzing electronic and print media. You will learn strategies for making sense of language, images and attitudes presented in the news. You will also explore issues that are currently of concern to Canadians.

Oral Skills

Learn to speak English with confidence. You will improve your speech clarity and fluency through informal conversation and formal speaking tasks. You will work on pronunciation and oral delivery by practising role-playing, debates, interviews, speeches and presentations.

Reading Skills

Develop your reading comprehension and build your vocabulary by reading a variety of materials, from literature and pop culture, to stories about current events and Canadian social issues. You will analyze how writers use the English language to change stress and meaning. 


9 AM–12 PM

Study what interests you. For three hours each Friday, you will take one Specialization course from this list. The choice is yours.

Business Communications

Develop the social and communication skills you will need in a Canadian business environment. Specific activities will vary depending on your background and interests, but they will improve your spoken and written communication skills, as well as key business-related social skills.

Cultural Studies Through Film Analysis

In this course for advanced students, you will observe and discuss film critically, self-reflectively and interactively in small and large groups. Expect to develop the language skills and vocabulary you need to talk about film and express your opinions and personal experiences in writing and in speech.

English and Global Citizenship

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced students who wish to develop their English language learning by exploring what it means to be an active citizen of the world. The course combines language learning and critical thinking with local issues that are of global concern. As a result, you will learn to understand diverse perspectives and values. 

Grammar Intensive

Build a strong foundation in grammar and writing, expand your vocabulary and increase your confidence in using English. This course is designed for students who need or want to pass a standardized language proficiency test (such as IELTS) but are not ready to write the test. Although we will spend some class time on IELTS preparation, we will focus on written and spoken grammar as well as vocabulary.

IELTS Preparation

In this course, you will develop test-taking strategies for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. We will focus on specific modules of the test (speaking, reading, listening and writing), and also develop other skills.

Language Levels

We offer eight levels that are designed to challenge your English skills as you improve. You are welcome to take a single term or multiple terms. As you successfully complete each term, you can progress to the next language level.

Which language level is right for you?
On your first day in the program, you will take a language placement test to determine which level of class you should take. 

* Level 8: Low Advanced
This level is only available in the 8-week Advanced Academic English program. Learn more →