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Strauss, K., & Xu, F. (2018). At the Intersection of Urban and Care Policy: The Invisibility of Eldercare Workers in the Global City. Critical Sociology, 0896920518761535.

Working to Care? Eldercare workers in Vancouver: Issues and Challenges.

Strauss, K. (2018). Accumulation through care? Financialization in the eldercare sector in Vancouver and Shanghai (PDF). Global Conference on Economic Geography, 5.

Related Projects

B.C. Employment Standards Coalition

The B.C. Employment Standards Coalition identifies their purpose as "to promote and build public support for strong progressive employment standards legislation and adequately resourced proactive enforcement that responds to the needs of all workers for decent wages and working conditions in correspondence with BC’s changing workforce and the modern need for balance between work, family, personal and civic life." Their research focuses on workers' experiences and reviews of employment standards, resulting in published recommendations of policy changes.

Longhurst, A. (2017). Privatization and declining access to B.C. seniors' care: An urgent call for policy change.

Longhurst introduces this project as: "Home and community care services in BC—home health care, assisted living and residential care—require urgent attention. For the past 16 years, underfunding, privatization and fragmentation of the system have left many seniors, their families and communities patching together care and even going without. This report shows that increasing access to home and community care doesn’t just benefit seniors, it is widely acknowledged as key for reducing hospital overcrowding and surgical wait times." 

Longhurst, A., & Fairey, D. (2017). Workers' stories of exploitation and abuse: Why B.C. employment standards need to change. B.C. Employment Standards Coalition.

Longhurst and Fairey summarize their peoject as "prov[ing[ an overview of Workers’ Stories of Exploitation & Abuse: Why BC Employment Standards Need to Change, a forthcoming report produced and published by the BC Employment Standards Coalition. The Coalition brings together organizations, advocates and workers in a campaign for employment standards legislation that provides decent wages, working conditions, respect and dignity for all workers in the province of British Columbia."

Wong, K. (2015). Temporary foreign residents' experiences, challenges, needs, and suggestions on settlement services: Findings of focus groups with international students and temporary foreign workers in British Columbia.

MOSAIC's reseach unit conducts research intended to contribute to policy design and implementation. Wong's participants suggesst that service providers support English conversational skills, and aid in Permanent Residency applications. Wong notes that MOSAIC has programs serving the above goals; however, participants were not aware of the services available to them.

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Chowdhury, R., & Gutman, G. (2012). Migrant Live-in Caregivers Providing Care to Canadian Older Adults: An Exploratory Study of Workers’ Life and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Population Ageing, 5(4), 215-240. 

Pratt, G., Philippine Women Centre of B.C. (2003). From migrant to immigrant: Domestic workers settle in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver Centre for Excellence: Research on Immigration Integration in the Metropolis.

Razavi, S. (2007). The political and social economy of care in a development context: Conceptual issues, research questions and policy options (No. 3). United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.  

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