Noel Melton

Navius Research

Noel is a Vancouver-based consultant who has worked with CIEEDAC and the Energy and Materials Research Group since 2006. With clients including all levels of government, as well as non-governmental organizations and utilities, Noel's work extends into numerous channels of policy making.

As a specialized consultant and published researcher, Noel's work explores and communicates the intricacies of energy-economic systems. Key projects he has spearheaded include:

  • Quantifying abatement opportunities across Alberta's economy to feed into the province's Climate Strategy Renewal.  [Alberta Climate Change Secretariat]
  • Determining the contribution of federal and provincial climate policies toward achieving Canada's targets for greenhouse gas emissions. [National Round Table of the Environment and the Economy]
  • Investigating the effect of climate policy uncertainty on investment decisions regarding carbon capture and storage. [Carbon Management Canada]
  • Exploring the feasibility and cost of drastically reducing emissions from the built environment in British Columbia. [Government of British Columbia]

Prior to becoming a consultant, Noel worked as a policy analyst with the federal government of Canada. Noel holds a Master of Resource Management from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Calgary.