Alumni & Industry

The School of Engineering Science is deeply engaged in creating the next generation of innovation excellence. But we’re not doing this alone. We nurtures collaborative relationships with a wide network of industry and alumni partners.

We celebrate and actively engage with these supporters on a wide range of mutually beneficial initiatives – with the founding principle of guiding and training the next generation of engineers at the cutting edge of innovation.

SFU is also widely recognized as a pioneer in creating new ways for universities to connect with their communities. You can play a vital role in helping us create and support initiatives that fuel diversity, dialogue and development throughout our communities.

Our extensive partnerships with industry and enterprise mean we continually nurture pioneering – and mutually beneficial – relationships in all our key fields. These partners have access to our world-leading researchers, sponsor our research-based Capstone projects and help us prepare students for careers via our intensive co-op program.

And through ongoing relationships with our loyal alumni, we also continue to celebrate the career achievements of our graduates in North America and beyond. This ever-growing alliance of SFU Engineering Science experts is our network in North America and around the world.

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Hire Our Students

Benefit from our students’ skills and enthusiasm - and help them develop their careers.

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Research Partnerships

Create a joint research project to address a specific application in your field.

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Help us engage students, increase research and improve our communities.

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