SFU's Fair Trade Ambassador Program

    The Fair Trade Ambassador Program is a national program that trains citizens to run their own fair trade campaigns. It was created by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian Fair Trade Network, and Association Québécoise du Commerce Equitable.

    In 2017, SFU started its own on-campus Fair Trade Ambassador Program, the largest of its kind in Canada. The SFU Fair Trade Ambassador Program is designed to give students the opportunity and resources they need to educate and mobilize the student body to engage in fair trade. The program offers opportunities to learn about fair trade, participate in various on-campus activities and events, and gain experience volunteering in areas related to international development and sustainability.

    So how does it work? The SFU Fair Trade Ambassador Program is growing to match SFU’s increasing commitment to the fair trade movement. Because of this, we want to give students the opportunities to develop new skills every year.

    SFU Fair Trade Ambassadors are recognized for demonstrating a strong commitment to fair trade through their passion, dedication and advocacy. All ambassadors receive a formal certificate following their training, as well as qualifying hours for their Co-Curricular Record.

Becoming a Fair Trade Ambassador

    To start, you'll undergo fair trade training to increase your knowledge as a fair trade advocate. This is a 2-3 hour process, which you will need to pass by 70% to prove your knowledge. Once trained, you can start planning what you want to do during the year, with the support of fair trade leaders across Canada!

    As a Fair Trade Ambassador, you will volunteer for various outreach projects and events. Some examples from the the past are:

  • Survey: Designed a campus-wide survey assessing fair trade knowledgeability in students and staff. In the past, this has been completed as a capstone project after consultation with the ambassador’s professor. Skills practiced: concise writing, communications, analytics.
  • Presentations: Spread awareness and education about fair trade through various presentations, on and off campus. Skills practiced: public speaking, research, communications
  • Events: Planned engaging events to inform students about fair trade. Skills practiced: planning, team coordination, public speaking, research.
  • Working with children: Collaborated with the Highlands Elementary School and SFU Childcare to introduce fair trade themes to children. Skills practiced: communication, research, working with children.
  • Social media: Posted regularly to the social media accounts, led social media campaigns, designed posters and graphics. Skills practiced: design, writing, planning, communications.
  • Writing: Created posts for the blog, wrote articles for local news papers, interviewed fair trade leaders. Skills practiced: research, concise writing, interviewing, communications.

Room to Grow

    Want to help organize the program's activities? As a Fair Trade Ambassador program executive, you have the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role. In these positions, you will oversee your team's operations, hold meetings, and offer guidance and support for Fair Trade SFU members.

    As a bonus, Fair Trade Ambassador program executives can be sponsored to travel to a country in the global south as part of the programs Trips to Origin to learn about the production and export end of our global supply chains. Upon your return, you will write a trip summary report and present about the experience to the other ambassadors.

Our executive positions are:

  • President/Co-President
  • VP Administration
  • VP Finances
  • VP Events
  • VP Communications
  • VP Research
  • VP Education

Co-operative Learning Experience

    If you enjoy the program and are passionate about fair trade, you could be offered a Co-operative Education (Co-op) position working for Fair Trade SFU. This opportunity may be adjustable according to your personal interests. Some possibilities include coordinating the SFU Fair Trade Ambassador Program, establishing fair trade programs at other schools and universities, or even working with the Canadian Fair Trade Network! This is paid, full-time work that requires additional training from SFU. Click here to learn more about Co-op.

Applications for SFU Fair Trade Ambassador Program 2021/2022 are open! Click here for the link to our application. Training will be held for interested applicants in late August or early September 2021.

Interested in fair trade at SFU, but not sure if you can commit to being a Fair Trade Ambassador? Click here to join general membership of Fair Trade SFU!

You can visit Fairtrade Canada’s website and our Youtube channel to learn more. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.