Fall 2017 Residence Orientation

Find out what events and other activities are awaiting all Fall 2017 Residence Orientation participants and what you can look forward to through this quick intro from our Residence Life staff.

Welcome to Your New Community

Living at SFU Residence is more than having a place to sleep, it is also about building lifelong friendships. See how living in residence has helped these six students connect, grow and learn together in ways that none of them could have imagined on the day that they moved-in. 

Burnaby Campus: Undergraduate Students

The Towers

Burnaby Campus: Undergraduate Students

McTaggart-Cowan Hall

Burnaby Campus: Undergraduate Students

Shell House

Burnaby Campus: Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students (Overflow):

The Townhouses

Burnaby Campus: Graduate Students

Hamilton Hall

Vancouver Campus: Graduate Students

SFU Residence at the Charles Chang Innovation Centre 

Important Dates 

October 1 | Balance of Residence Fees Due

                     | Summer 2018 Applications Open

October 9 | Thanksgiving Day (No Classes)

November 1 | $700 Non-Refundable Spring 2018 Confimration Due

November 13 | Remembrance Day (No Classes)


  • August 18, 2017: WiFi is Coming to Residence:
  • Our residence community spoke and we listened. We are excited to announce that starting this week, Residence and Housing will be moving to an upgraded wifi system.

What does this mean for you? There are two phases and two important time frames for you to take note of:

Between now and Move-In: SHAW is installing wireless modems and routers in each room. That means that by the time the Fall Term starts, each resident will have their own personal wireless router and modem as part of their residence package at no additional cost to you. Now you will be able to stream your favourite shows online wirelessly whenever you want.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing cable for your own room, SHAW will be on campus during our Move-In Vendor Fair where you can sign up for SHAW cable. You will be able to decide which cable package works within your budget.

During the Fall Term: Starting August 31st and throughout the Fall Term, SHAW will be bringing in their team to begin upgrading each room and building to the newer and better wifi system. What this means is that along with a Residence and Housing staff member, we will need to access your room in order to make the changes. The residence team will be contacting you via your SFU email to give you updates and to let you know what we are doing.

What’s so great about the second phase of the upgrade?

The second phase is even better than the first one. During the second phase, SHAW installers will be removing all modems and routers from each room and instead, you will be part of an entire building access point system. Access points will be placed in every room and in each building. This means that no matter where you are in your building, you will always have access to the internet and wifi, anytime, anywhere.

What do you need to do or bring?

All you need is your laptop, mobile device or tablet. You will not require any other hardware or cables.

  • Spring 2018 Applications Open on August 1st:  All SFU and FIC students who are interested in applying for housing for the Spring 2018 term can now apply.  IMPORTANT: If you are currently on the waitlist and wish to stay on the waitlist for a possible Fall 2017 housing offer, DO NOT submit an application for Spring 2018.  At the end of September, all waitlisted students will be given the option of forwarding their application to Spring 2018 at no extra charge.

  • July 14, 2017: Fall 2017 Term (September - December 2017) Undergaduate Applications are now Closed:
    Applications for the Fall 2017 term are now closed due to being tentatively full. For those still seeking housing for the Fall 2017 term (September – December 2017), we strongly encourage you to continue looking outside of residence for the Fall 2017 term. Below are a few options for you. For more information including some options, Click Here.

  • July 14, 2017: Fall 2017 Term (September - December 2017) CCIC Graduate Applications are still Open:
    If you are a Graduate student seeking residence at our downtown Vancouver residence at the Charles Change Innovation Centre (CCIC), applications are still open.

  • Update on Undergraduate Waitlist Numbers: Students who have a completed housing application and are eligible for a housing offer are given a waitlist number that you can see on the housing portal.   The undergrad waitlist up until June 1, 2017 was comprised of one list that included all students.  It did NOT take into account your building eligibility.  We have since split our undergrad waitlists into two so that your waitlist number is now tied to your building eligibility.  Townhouse eligible applications are on one list.  Towers and Traditional Residences (Shell House & McTaggart-Cowan) eligible applicants are on another.  By doing this, your waitlist number should now better reflect your position in our offer queue.  Please note that housing offers will be made as rooms are made available.
  • Increased Residence Construction Activity: Residents should be aware that the SFU Residence area is currently undergoing increased construction activity, which has resulted in increased traffic, intermittent roadway and pathway closures and construction noise.  Please refer to the Residence Construction Updates page to view a map of the construction zones and updates on the various projects currently underway.

Occupancy/Housing availability


Availability: Fall 2017

Waitlist: Fall 2017

Tentatively Full (applications open for waitlist) Closed
Shell House
Tentatively Full (applications open for waitlist) Closed
McTaggart-Cowan Tentatively Full (applications open for waitlist) Closed
Tentatively Full (applications open for waitlist) Closed
Hamilton Hall Tentatively Full (applications open for waitlist) Closed
Charles Chang Innovation Centre Available N/A

If you have any questions about building availability, please contact resrooms@sfu.ca.