Fair trade products are goods produced abroad that are traded according to more ethical and sustainable standards than typical standards in conventional trade. SFU is committed to offering a variety of fair trade options at its Burnaby and Downtown campuses.

Fair trade exists because the terms of trade in the global market are unfair and leave producers vulnerable. It is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on partnerships between producers and retailers. Through fair trade, producers receive a minimum price, improved working conditions, and a social premium that helps them reinvest in their communities. These benefits are guaranteed through standards created by fair trade labelling organizations all over the world.

The following logos represent different fair trade certifiers you can trust.

Look for these logos on products around campus. Fair trade is a demand-based system that allows consumers to vote with their dollars for the world they want. SFU is committed to exercising its own purchasing power by offering a multitude of different certified products on campus through the Fair Trade Campus Program.

Fair Trade Ambassadors on campus are teaching students and faculty about fair trade so that they understand why and how it is important to purchase Fairtrade certified products. Through all of its efforts, SFU is indirectly supporting producers by working towards increasing the demand for Fairtrade so that the movement can continue to grow.